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A panel Discussion will include A more comprehensive view of defi, future market structures , and how the old world will translation to modern reality  defi is a catch all-word for a vision of a finical economy free of middlemen. Decentralized finance 
(defi)refers to an ecosystem of finical application. that are bulit on the top of blockchain networks. it is based on shared blockchains such as bitcoin Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

we’ll use our partners’ insight to address some of the more important question about how emerging business model challenge the existing financial system, what new governance mechanisms afe needed and what it means for the average person this global defi summit 2021 will be the largest dedicated conference & event focused specifically in decentralized finance

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students   # Analysts   # It Operators  # Executives   # Product Managers   # Consultants   # Students  

We will teach you how to manage AWS servers, set up hostings, and use it in your job to speed up the workflow and produce value


10:00 AM

Oprning words

Trey Rutledge

Director of business development and strategic partnership of dragonchain

11:00 AM

Introducing KUDO, kubernetes opeartors the eassy way

Aspen labs

Christopher joseph

12:30 AM

Sensory Friendly Monitoring: keeping the noise

Amiran shachar

Ceo & Co-founder at spot

12:55 AM

20 years of CI in 20 minutes

Trey Rutledge

Ceo & Co-founder at spot

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