What are Quantum Pharma Aseptic Services?

Overview to QPAS

Quantum Pharma Aseptic Services prepares and supplies aseptically prepared patient-specific, dose-banded, and batch-made products for NHS and private institutions across a wide range of therapeutic fields.

To recognize that clients’ and patients’ needs are constantly changing, and take pride in providing customized service with quick response times and total peace of mind. 

The net proceeds of the Quantum Pharma Placing will be used by the Group to settle a portion of its debt, and enable it to purchase the remaining shares in Colonies Pharma Limited, a specialized pharmaceutical product development company, that it does not already hold, and help expedite the Group’s strategy execution. Quantum Pharmaceutical will have a better reputation and profile as a result of their admission, as well as the potential to incentivize key workers and gain access to the capital markets for future equity investment.

Products AND Services

  • Non-licensed drugs made or obtained to meet the needs of certain patients, such as:
  • alternate modes of delivery
  • unorthodox dosages
  • strange formulations
  • formulas without preservatives or additives
  • approved medications from abroad
  • licensed items that have been discontinued
  • goods that will be unavailable in the medium/long term
  • Special Acquires
  • sterile products
  • Bio’s contribution is a customized dosage management system.


Quantum Aseptic is a health and care-focused niche pharmaceutical developer, manufacturer, and supplier. The Group is organized into three sections, each of which offers a diverse range of innovative and complementary products and services. Quantum Pharmaceutical, UL Medicines, and Quantum Aseptic Services are three business entities that manufacture, purchase and deliver unlicensed medicines (specials) and special obtains. Niche Medications, is divided into three business segments (Lamda, Colonies, and PERN) and develops and markets niche pharmaceuticals. Medication Adherence includes two business units (Protomed and Biodose Services) that provide products and services to help patients stick to their medication regimens, as well as patient-focused homecare services and pharmaceutical company services.

Incorporates Aseptic Compounding and  Quantum Pharma Aseptic Services

Aseptic Compounding and  Quantum Pharma Aseptic Services
                                            Aseptic Compounding and Quantum Pharma Aseptic

The facility provides aseptic compounding and production services, as well as cleanroom technology such as gassing isolators.

Preparation and provision of sterile intravenous medicinal goods will be among the services provided. Antibiotics and chemotherapeutic CIVAs will be synthesized and compounded to create ready-to-use medicines for hospital patients.

The additional aseptic capabilities will retain Quantum Pharma at the forefront of specialized manufacturing and delivery, according to the Aseptic Commercial Director.

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The new aseptic facility will expand Quantum’s variety of services while maintaining the highest levels of quality, generating the best possible service, and allowing pharmacy customers to best serve the needs of their patients.

Patient-specific Quantum Aseptic Compounding service

For chemotherapy and monoclonal antibodies, offer a patient-specific compounding solution that is tailored to the patient’s exact dose needs. Because treatment cannot always be foreseen, Quantum Aseptic Services has in-house logistics for same-day and emergency delivery.

Quantum Aseptic Services’ real-time final product expiry allocation and labeling ensure that each product is given the longest possible shelf life, reducing waste and expenses. Always contact before compounding to ensure the patient can receive medication, which helps to reduce waste.


Quantum Pharmaceuticals, formerly Quantum Specials, is the most dependable manufacturer and provider of illegal drugs and difficult-to-find items. Quantum Splizesalizes in providing items that are critical to patients in the pediatric, psychiatric, and palliative care fields.

Quantum Pharma was founded to create safe and high-quality goods. the invest in cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and work closely with database, health, and safety management.

All of the laboratory equipment is GMP and EP approved, as safety is a top priority. then exclusively use BP, EP, and USP quality receivers and APIs at Quantum Pharma Aseptic. The qualified lab professionals and skilled workers make up a dedicated team. From raw ingredients to completed items, all products are meticulously supervised by professionals. The products are acknowledged for exceptional quality and reliability by consumers as a reputable pharmaceutical’s sole motivation is to keep clients happy.


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