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Aseptic Techniques in PharmaCategoriesPharmacy

What are the Aseptic Techniques in Pharma?

Introduction to ATP An aseptic approach is utilized to perform a process in such a way that the danger of contamination by an intrusive device is minimized. Example-:a urinary catheter, or a sensitive bodily location like the bladder or a wound. When should Aseptic Techniques be Used? The following are some examples of when an…

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Compounding Sterile PreparationsCategoriesPharmacy

What are Compounding Sterile Preparations?

Overview of Compounding Sterile Preparations Compounding Sterile Preparations Pharmacy ensures that sterile preparations meet patients’ clinical needs while also meeting quality, safety, and environmental control requirements in all phases of preparation, storage, transportation, and administration, all while adhering to established standards, regulations, and professional best practices. Many health care professionals, including nurses, physicians, pharmacists, and…

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